Flautas are essentially tacos rolled and fried in vegetable oil. Here is my take on flautas using white wing dove. Can’t beat that crunchy, cheesy mix of dove, cheese and spices!

Diced Dove Breast (one per flauta)
Diced White Onion
Favorite Dry Rub
Corn Tortillas
Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
Heat Skillet, add diced dove and onion. Cook to medium rare.
Heat flour corn tortillas in microwave 20 seconds (helps prevent them tearing if warm) stuff with dove mix and Monterey Jack. Toothpick to keep closed
Fry in Vegetable oil in cast iron skillet until golden brown on each
Drizzle with favorite hot sauce and avocado crema
Serve with guacamole, & queso